Who we are?

Luco Charles are a British brand of watches developed with style and class in mind. We wanted to develop a range of watches that was not only accessible to anyone, but also a watch suitable for any occasion.

What we do?

The designs of all our current watch faces are minimalist and designed to go with any of our interchangeable straps, whether our clients prefer a classic leather dress watch or something a little more everyday looking with one of our range of coloured straps.

The colours are chosen to go with any outfit or any mood, allowing you to create a different look for your wrist everyday.

Why us?

Drawing on experience in the Jewellery industry from the last 2 decades, Luco Charles have put together a team of people focused on delivering a fantastic product, customer service and experience for all of our clients.

With world renowned designers painstakingly choosing and refining each element of our watch designs and a customer service team driven by customer satisfaction.

Luco Charles is committed to driving their brand globally now through free worldwide shipping, allowing people from all over the world to experience this fantastic British brand of watches.

Our Watches...

Luco Charles refuse to compromise on the quality of our watches, there are plenty of watch companies manufacturing different quality grades of watches. Designs can be easily copied but quality can not.

Movement- A major componet in the manufacturing of a watch, we use Japanese movement which has quality assurances. The movement chosen will reflect the accuracy of a watch. Cheaper watches will use Chinese movement which can be very poor quality and lead to watches stopping in a short period of time.

Materials- Most cheap watches you will see on the market will use alot of alloy, sometimes mixing Nickel and Cadmium. Not only is it cheap it can cause allergies.
Luco Charles use 100% Stainless steel in our watches. Whilst it cost more to manufactur the quality and resistance of the material is far greater than alloy watches.

All our leather straps are genuine leather, this is another vital part of the watch, genuine leather will last far longer and be more resistant to the every day use of one of our watches.

Water Resistance- We test all our products to ensure they are water proof/ resistant. The water resitance will be down to the quality of the assembly process & components.

Warranty- Luco Charles give a 12 months manufacturers warranty with every watch sold from the date of reciept. Giving customers additional peace of mind when purchasing one of our collection.